Our history

Welcome to toutoucan.com: A breath of fresh air for your pets!

Faced with the rise of e-commerce giants in Quebec, a new player is entering: toutoucan.com. It's not just another online shopping site. It's a response, a revolution, a cry from the heart for local and local businesses.

toutoucan was not born by chance. Faced with the growing speed at which the giants are establishing themselves in our Quebec landscape, we felt the pressing need to create an alternative that is both modern and close to its users. We have always believed that online commerce should not rhyme with impersonal.

A complete offer for your faithful companions

On toutoucan.com, discover an impressive variety of quality foods for your pets as well as a range of trendy and useful accessories. Whether you have a cat, a dog, a bird or even a reptile, we have what you need. Each product is carefully selected, with the health and well-being of your animals in mind.

More than a site, an experience

Our main objective? Create a real customer experience. How ? By setting up means of direct and accessible communication. Do you have a question, concern or even a kind note for us? Our teams are at your service. We firmly believe that every interaction matters and strive to bring a personal touch to each one.

Finally, the toutoucan experience is also that of a community. Beyond online sales, we want to create links, exchange advice, share moments. Because behind every screen, there is a person, an animal and a story.

Join us in this adventure

With toutoucan.com, we wanted to prove that it is possible to reconcile the best of both worlds: the convenience of online commerce and the warmth of local commerce. We're proud of what we build, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Welcome to our family. Welcome to toutoucan, where every animal and every owner counts.


toutoucan.com: An alliance with local businesses for a local service

We said it above: toutoucan.com is not a simple online sales site. It is a project thought out and developed with the constant concern to best serve our customers while highlighting the dynamism of our region. How ? By forging close ties with local players in the animal sector.

Toutoucan members at the heart of the action

Toutoucan members are not just partners; these are local businesses recognized for their expertise and their love of animals. They are the foundation on which rests our promise of proximity. Each toutoucan member is an extension of our platform, a friendly and expert face in your area.

Do you have a question about a product, a specific request or do you simply want to have a face-to-face discussion? Our toutoucan members are there for you. They can answer your questions, advise you and even offer you an in-store customer experience if you feel the need to touch, see or try a product.

A winning synergy for all

This collaboration with local businesses does not only have one goal. It also aims to strengthen our region's economy, highlight local experts and ensure an exceptional customer experience. By choosing toutoucan.com, you are not only making a purchase; you also support trade in your region, thus promoting a more humane and sustainable economy.

We are convinced that collaboration is the key to success in an ever-changing world. Thanks to our toutoucan members, we have created a unique symbiosis, where the ease of digital meets the warmth of human contact.

Together we make the difference. By choosing toutoucan.com, you participate in this great adventure where every link counts. Join us and live a shopping experience with heart.