Catit 2.0 Waterer with Flower

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3 L waterer with triple action filter

  • Encourages your cat to drink plenty, which helps prevent urinary tract disease
  • Has three water flow settings to please even fussy cats
  • Always offers fresh water on top, unlike bowls
  • Includes a compact 3 L (100 fl. oz.) reservoir
  • Is made of BPA-free materials
  • Comes equipped with a triple action filter and energy efficient pump

More details :

The unique new design of the Catit 2.0 Waterer with Flower features three water flow settings for fussy cats! It provides a smooth flowing water surface, long waterfalls, or waterfalls with bubbles.

The flower-shaped accessory is easy to install or remove. Unlike most water bowls, the flower bowl does not have a bowl for cats to drink from. As a result, no dirt can accumulate there. The water is always fresh since it is completely filtered before returning to the tank.

The Catit 2.0 Waterer with Flower is easy to disassemble and clean. Plus, its ergonomic design won't get in the way of whiskers and helps prevent cat acne.