Treat Hagen to encourage canary song. 200g.

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Canary Singing Treat is made with delicious, nutritious ingredients specially selected to stimulate singing in these pet birds and keep them healthy.

Main characteristics :

Stimulates canary singing and helps keep them healthy;
Completes the canaries' daily diet.

Manual :

Each day, serve a treat trough filled with these Hagen seeds. Vary the treats on the menu with a variety of equally nutritious Hagen treats: Condition Treat and Canary Fruit Treat. Their airtight bag ensures freshness. Store in the refrigerator once opened to maintain freshness. Use either Original Hagen Canary Mix or Gourmet Canary Mix as a base food, and Prime supplement to ensure complete nutrition.

Ingredients :

Rapeseed, Niger seed, linseed, canary seed, foxtail millet, red millet, poppy seed, anise seed, paprika, cinnamon oil.

Guaranteed analysis:

Crude protein (min.) 16%, crude fat (min.) 18%, crude fiber (max.) 16%, moisture (max.) 12%.